Open an account and send 20 dollars

How to get the credit amount

  • 1. The same ID can only apply for a bonus account for a trading account
  • 2.The profit generated by the bonus can apply for withdrawal
  • 3. After the bonus is paid once, the bonus is cancelled
  • 4. The bonus principal portion Cannot be extracted.

* Please contact your Introducing Broker for the application of the $20 experience fee and the detailed rules of the event

* All rights to explain the event belong to Horseforex

11.11 peaks in the event, passion in November, Super gift waiting for you to take!

HorseForex "Double Eleven" is strong, who said that the double eleven can not buy and buy for free, HorseForex for the new and old customers in China, specially launched the double eleven "Fengfeng Shenghui activities" "waiting for you to come!
Activity Level
Bronze level
LEVEL Trading volume GIFT
$1000~$2999 26 Lots Huawei sports bracelet / Germany WMF imported juicer /Antarctic foot bath automatic massage heating foot machine
$3000~$4999 45 Lots 500RMB Jingdong shopping card / Huawei intelligent AI audio / Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab Gift Certificate
$5000~$7999 72 Lots SKG cervical massager / Kindle reader / millet handheld vacuum cleaner
$8000~$9999 86 Lots Skyworth 55 inch 4k HD / millet sweeping robot 1s/Beats studio3 wireless

Silver level

LEVEL Trading volume GIFT
$10000~$19999 180 Lots Huawei Mate 30 128G/2019IPAD AIR3 256G/Dajiang drone
$20000~$49999 360 Lots Huawei Mate 30 pro 512G/Montblanc Signature Pen/IPAD PRO

Gold level

LEVEL Trading volume GIFT
$50000~$99999 1200 Lots Apple11 pro Max 256G / Nikon SLR / Apple MacBook

How to sign up for the event
1. Editing content: member area ID number + trading account number, sign up for the 11.11 peak event.
2. Send to email: or submit an application at Event H5.
3. All registered customers will receive the successful reply email from the official website of our company's official website.
Rule of activity

Deposit to get a 50% share of the bonus, sweet sharing, stand together regardless of situation

How to get a shared bonus

  • 1. Apply for a shared account group account;
  • 2. After the account is completed, you can apply for a shared bonus;
  • 3. After completing the deposit, please send the help customer service to share the bonus in CRM. Note: The email address needs to indicate the trading account.
  • 4. Review the terms of the activity carefully and reply to the relevant funds related to the activities involved in the activity;
  • 5. After completing the 1~4 operation, the bonus will arrive at the relevant trading account within one working day;

Activity Rules

1. Shared bonus account is only applicable to special account group;
2. Shared bonus account can not be hedged;
3. The shared bonus account does not apply on the large number of short-term open and close positions or hedging positions.
4. Shared Bonus shall be traded in our New MT4 Server (HoreseForex-Live).
5. Shared bonus account can help the account to resist the risk of retracement, such as account profit and withdrawal, to share profits with our company in proportion
6. The added Shared Bonus are used in order to increase the margin call of the account in cases market is moving against you, hence your account will have an extra 50% of free margin to use. ; 6:50% share bonus activity Cannot be superimposed with 5% of the bonus activity;


Example 1: Deposit 10,000 US dollars, apply for 5,000 US dollars of shared funds, the account balance of 15,000 US dollars after the completion of the application (where the customer's own principal accounted for 2 / 3 of the account ratio, shared funds accounted for 1/3 of the account).

When the account balance is profitable to 20,000 US dollars, the application for a withdrawal of 1000 US dollars, the funds deducted from the account totaled 1,500 US dollars (the trader's profit accounted for 2 / 3, shared profits accounted for 1/3), the trader reached the withdrawal bank card amount For $1,000, the shared bonus account balance is $18,500.

When the balance of this account is 8,000 US dollars after a period of trading, the application for submitting the account will be fully refunded, and the current amount of the application for deposit in the account is 8000*2/3=5333.33 USD.

* Please contact your referral agent to apply for a shared account and share account detailed rules;

* All rights to explain the activities belong to Horseforex;

5% of the credit available for deposit

How to obtain the credit amount:

  • 1. The same ID can have multiple accounts with the same name to participate in the activity;
  • 2. The credit amount is 5% of the deposit;
  • 3. After the deposit is successful, the customer service application credit is submitted in the member area;

Activity rules:

  • 1. Self Apply for the credit amount to apply for the withdrawal of the credit amount when the same amount of standard credit volume is completed;
  • 2. Extract the profit portion before the task is completed, the credit amount remains unchanged, and submit the principal part of the withdrawal request in the unfinished activity household. , the credit amount will be canceled;
  • 3. Malicious hedges are prohibited from taking credits;

* Please contact you Introducing brokers to apply for 5% of the available credits and the detailed rules of the activities;

* The right to interpret all activities is owned by Horseforex;

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