PAMM Service

The PAMM service provided by Horseforex provides a convenient multi-account management service for investors and PAMM managers.

The PAMM service is a multi-account management service provided by HoreseFore for investors and PAMM managers. PAMM allocates management mode by percentage, and makes PAMM managers unify the order management mode by collecting foreign exchange trading funds. Autonomously joining a PAMM account allows investors' investors to manage their accounts without having to manage their own accounts, and PAMM managers can manage multiple sub-account transactions by operating the main account.

Easily join professional accounts in the PAMM leaderboard

  • Step 1: Register the trading account
  • Step 2: Apply for the PAMM manager/investor
  • Step 3: Sign the PAMM agreement
  • Step 4: Start the investment
*Forex trading and CFDs are highly speculative and may not be suitable for all investors before they start trading. Make sure you are well prepared and fully aware of the risks involved in using leveraged trading. All content provided on this website shall not be construed as a guide to the transaction.

PAMM Service FAQs

What is PAMM?
PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module): Percentage allocation management mode. Belongs to a multi-account management tool, investors and PAMM managers distribute profits according to the agreed proportion.
Why use PAMM?
PAMM features
Classification of PAMM accounts
What is the difference between a public PAMM account and a non-public PAMM account?
Advantages of a PAMM account
Disadvantages of PAMM accounts

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